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The market of sunglasses is flourishing like anything now days. There are so many manufacturers of the sunglasses with different styles, shapes, qualities etc. These companies are in the market since long but due to limitations of communications etc. they were not so widely known. Due to globalization and media communication it has been possible to market the items all over the world.

JUST CAVALLIE sunglasses are one of the most renowned sunglasses. They are for men as well women. They have different brands and different varieties like Clubmaster style sunglasses, Cat Eye Sunglasses, Aviator sunglasses etc. and more.

With the maximum use of new technology, and taking into the consideration the choices of men and women, these sunglasses are manufactured. The frames are of different types such as rectangular, wrap around frames, aviators, square frames, round, cat eye frames.... so on and so forth.

Different models are available in different colours like grey, brown, black, purple, green, silver, blue etc. There are 80 products for women. Few of the brands having attractive colour combinations are

  • • Jc41620B - Grey/silver - rectangle shape.
  • • Jc339 56B - Grey/briwb - rectangle shape
  • • Jc416 14Z - silver/grey - rectangle shape.
  • • Jc414 038 - Grey/black - round shape.
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