Nautic Sunglasses

    Nautic Sunglasses: Sunglasses That Make You Feel Different

    NAUTIC is the model of sunglasses launched by NEOSTYLES in the USA. This design was completely unique in 70s, as opined by Mr. Livas. The wearer of these glasses developed a feeling that he is something different from others. This design was appreciated by many of the celebrities.

    On the celebration of 50th birthday of Neostyle, the company is producing the cult sunglasses NAUTIC. These sunglasses are light reactive. They eliminate water and snow glare and provide protection to the eyes during all outdoor sports. In everyday life also, these sunglasses are quite useful.

    Julbo wave Nautic sunglasses are tough and light. These sunglasses are designed for those who play hard on water. They are useful for offshore racing. Few of the characteristics of these glasses, such as, a protective skirt for eliminating spray, a floating frame, polarizing lenses to outwit water glare and a strap, make them more comfortable and convenient in use in any scenario. As these glasses provide all round protection for life on the water, they are quite unique and popular.

    Julbo Nautic Swell Sunglasses with Grey / orange frame is another brand of Nautic sunglasses. They are for men. The material used for the frame is acetate. The colours available are grey orange with lens colour brown.

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