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TAG Heuer

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Do Something New With Tag Heuer Sunglasses

In the field of eyewear - sunglasses - the brands of Tag Heuer is well renowned &remarkable in the market. There are number of models of this eyewear that comes in various styles, designs, modern looks, likings, protection, technology etc.

It is said that experience/practice brings the perfection. The same is the case with Mr. Edouard Heuer, the founder of Tag Heuer Sunglasses. He established his small workshop in 1860 and since then his innovative thinking, hard work, and expert craftsmanship has contributed a lot this industry. The frames have the particular characteristics of streamlined designs, optimum eye protection and unmatched comfort. These eye wears are considered as luxury brands all over the world.

One of the models of Tag Heuer i.e. Tag Heuer Automatic 8001 that is designed with lenses that take care of eyes by protecting them from harmful UV rays with several layers of protective coatings. Aviator Sunglasses, Clubmaster Style and Cat Eye Style Sunglasses are those that are the most preferred ones.

Tag Heuer Reflex brand is one more innovation in this eyewear field. These eyeglasses are coming soon in the market with different styles, colours, sizes etc. suitable for all.

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