Quality & Control Process

Premium Quality Eyewear at Vision

Premium Quality

Our quality standards begin with choosing the right brands and products to feature. Before we add new products to our site, they must undergo a rigorous evaluation process. First, we only consider brands that are highly desirable and geared towards customers focused on luxury and performance. Additionally, all products must adhere to high manufacturing standards to ensure that they are well-made and durable enough to meet our one-year manufacturer's warranty.

At Visionspecialists.org, we are so choosy about our brands and products that we turn down 95% of the product solicitations we receive.

World's Best Lenses at Vision

The World's Best Lenses

Eyeglasses are only as good as the lenses you put in them. That's why Visionspecialists.org only offers the absolute highest optical-quality lenses available in the world. To guarantee that you'll receive the best lenses for your prescription, we make it easy by:

  • Using only the highest-caliber lens materials
  • Hand-picking all essential premium lens coatings
  • Evaluating your prescription with one of our expert opticians
  • Only choosing lenses that our opticians wear themselves
Superior Customer Service at Vision

Superior Customer Service

Every prescription lens order is reviewed by one of our expert opticians before it is sent to our lab and your credit card is charged. Opticians verify that the prescription you ordered matches the prescription your doctor gave you. And just to make sure you get the exact frame and lenses that you need, our opticians personally call every customer to answer questions and make recommendations regarding your prescription.

If you have questions or need help placing your order, call 1-800-318-5560 to have a certified optician help you with:

  • Frame fit and sizing
  • Frame selection
  • Lens recommendation based on your prescription
  • Explain the different lens options and add-ons that we offer
  • Product availability
Diamond Quality-Control Process at Vision

"Diamond Class" Quality-Control Process

Our rigorous quality-control process begins the moment you place your order on Visionspecialists.org. After one of our knowledgeable opticians verifies your prescription, we continue our meticulous quality check by:

  • Inspecting your frames for manufacturer defects before sending them to our lens lab
  • Ensuring that the frames received from the manufacturer match the frames from your order
  • Verifying your prescription again at the lab
  • Checking your lenses for correctness at each step of the lens-creation process (e.g. addition of premium coatings and other add-ons)
  • Examining your frames again after the lenses have been added to check for cleanliness, lens fit, and any other anomalies

This process guarantees that your high-end lenses fit perfectly within your frame and are 100% accurate for your prescription. As the leading authority in prescription lenses, we won't settle for anything less than perfection.

Frame and Lens Guarantees at Visionspecialists.org

Frame & Lens Guarantees

All of our products are covered under a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. This means that if a lens coating starts to peel or a nose pad prong breaks, we will repair or replace your frames or lenses free of charge. Please note that this warranty does not cover damage caused by the wearer, such as rough handling or exposure to excessive heat.

We guarantee 100% accuracy on all prescription lenses. If your lenses are not absolutely perfect, we will remake your prescription lenses in the same frame, free of charge, no questions asked. Simply return your eyewear to us within 30 days of receipt. Be sure to call us first at 1-800-318-5560 to get your free return shipping label.

Guaranteed Quality